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Life after Daddy

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Life after Daddy

My story is a story of the cycle of life.  My cycle has progressed through childhood to being the eldest of my family.  It happens that an estate planner plays a role in the last phase of my cycle of life which is why Veronica asked me to write this tale and give it to Joseph.  I look forward to reading this on their website.

Daddy was great.  I cannot start anywhere but by saying that my father was a great man.  He did not use foul language (much).  He NEVER lost his temper (ever).  Seriously, I can find no memory of his being more than just angry.  That anger never boiled over.  I can find memories, fond memories, of how he provided for us.  I also recall instances of his skill at solving problems great and small.  I created some of those problems.  Overall, my father was a man who loved – greatly.  So, he was great.

I believed that daddy would never leave.  Indeed, if I were to find fault with him, it would have been my belief that daddy would never leave.  I believed it.  Once again, I have spent hours searching my memories for any sign that he said anything like he will always be around, but no such memory has surfaced.  It seems that I only build daddy permanence in my own mind from impressions that he left.  I reluctantly conclude that he let my imagination run away with me either knowingly or otherwise.  This actually hurts my feelings, BUT the feelings of admiration far outweigh this one hurt.  I need not offer forgiveness because such a minor criticism warrants nothing when mixed in with major praise.

Daddy did actually go away.  Here, I must force myself to tell you, the reader, what I never have needed to say to anyone in person: how he died.  He was 68 and seemingly in good health.  There was no warning for me.  There was only a knock at the door and a police officer asking questions leading to the news that he was not be coming home. In a single car accident, he died in a collision with a tree less than two blocks from home.  Later, we would be told that he likely suffered a heart attack which lead to the crash.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time wondering if he had warning of what was happening and what he was thinking if he did.

Fortunately, he did much thinking before the end, and that thinking is why I’m writing this for Veronica to publish.  He had the foresight to consult a lawyer and plan for his estate.  I have no family to contest my claims, but we all must deal with state interference.  In this case, the state lost and I won with the help of my probate attorney: the one my father had prepared for me.  Daddy has gone away, but he still seems to have a hand in setting things right.


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